BHAP in the media


BHAP is featured in the documentary Code Breakers, produced by Clearwater Media Inc.

Below are BHAP-related media (radio, television, online news items) appearances from 2011-2017. Items are listed by BHAP team member in alphabetical order.

Jordan, Peter (Material Culture Studies: World's Earliest Pottery!)
11 April 2013. Deutschlandfunk - radio article on early hunter-gatherer pottery function, Interview with Peter Jordan about function of world's earliest pottery (with Lucian Haas). Note: Also appeared on website as text: Die ersten Fischköche. Neues Analyseverfahren ermöglicht Nachweis organischer Reste in Jahrtausende alter Töpferware.

13 April 2013. Japanese press coverage (11 articles) for Nature paper (496: 351-354) entitled "Earliest evidence for the use of pottery". アルバムを表示

Lieverse, Angela (Bioarchaeology: Ancient humans!)
27 June 2017. Chris Putnam, College of Arts and Science (U of S), (in person interview). August 11, 2017. Ancient Spinal Injury: A Story of Survival, On Campus News (University of Saskatchewan).
13 April 2017. Answered a listener's question on CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks program: "How can I guarantee I'll become a fossil after I die?".
Spring 2015. Interviewed and photographed for the University of Saskatchewan's Arts and Science magazine, Green and White edition,. "Resurrecting the Past" by Ashleigh Mattern.

Death by Twins
2 February 2015. Megan Gannon,, phone interview, 2:00 pm on Monday; published online on February 4, 2015.
4 February 2015. Craig Lederhouse, host of CBC Saskatchewan's Afternoon Edition on Radio One; phone interview.
4 February 2015. Damon Scheleur, AOL Huffington Post reporter, requested images on February 4, 2015; article published online.
8 February 2015. Bernadette Arnaud, writer for French science magazine Sciences et Avenir (Paris), requested copy of paper so that she could write an article about it "Le plus ancien décès au cours d'un accouchement découvert en Sibérie".
18 March 2015. Angelika Franz, journalist with Speigel Online (German news website out of Hamburg) story published online.
9 February 2015. Clare Clancy, Canadian Press, phone interview.
9 February 2015. Jeremy Warren, Star Phoenix (Saskatoon), in-person interview.
10 February 2015. Phone interview (aired live) with John Gormley of News Talk 650 CKOM (Saskatoon).
10 February 2015. Pre-recorded interview with Meaghan Craig of Global Saskatoon Evening news.
10 February 2015. Pre-recorded interview with Nitish Bissonauth of CTV Saskatoon Evening news.
10 February 2015. Rossella Lorenzi, senior correspondent with Discovery News.
11 February 2015. Live interview with Kevin Stanfield, Global Saskatoon morning news.
11 March 2015. Email interview with Polly Heffer, editorial assistant with Current World Archaeology  Magazine, published in issue 70.
11 February 2015. Pre-recorded interview with Bob MacDonald, host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks.
24 February 2015. Samir Patel, Archaeology Magazine (New York).
12 May 2015. Skype interview with Inga Wonnemann of PM History magazine, Germany.
12 May 2015. Emailed image to Anna Amarowicz of Polityka weekly magazine, Warsaw (Poland).

Ancient Cancer
3 December 2014. Phone interview with Chris Purdy of the Canadian Press
4 December 2014. Live radio interview with Garth Materie of CBC Radio One SK's Blue
Sky, 12:15 pm
4 December 2014. Phone interview with Audrey Paris of Radio-Canada, Regina, 1:00 pm
4 December 2014. Phone interview with Jonathan Charlton of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.
4 December 2014. Live radio interview with Larry Fedoruk of 610 CKTB News Talk (St. Catharines, ON).
4 December 2014. Pre-recorded interview with Brady Knight for CTV News Saskatoon.
5 December 2014. Live interview (via Facetime) with Dan Matheson of CTV National News.
8 December 2014. Pre-recorded phone interview with John Gormley of News Talk 650 CKOM (Saskatoon).
9 December 2014. Live (in studio) interview with Lisa Dutton of Global Saskatoon Morning News.
10 December 2014. Studio interview with Bob McDonald of CBC's Quirks and Quarks.

"Point Taken"
2 June 2014. "Wrong place at the right time: Siberian Bronze Age skull reveals secrets of ancient society," Mark Ferguson, Canadian Light Source (in person interview). (June 18, 2014) and (June 19, 2014) and
11 August 2014. "The Case of the Missing Incisors" Samir Patel, Archaeology Magazine.
2 July 2014. "An ancient killing reveals genetic anomaly," Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International (phone interview).
11 July 2014. Jeff Rogstad, CTV Saskatoon News at Noon, (interviewed live with Isaac Pratt, PhD student in Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Saskatchewan).

Losey, Robert (Zooarchaeology: Ancient dog burials! Prehistoric family pets!?)
2013. CBC Radio. Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Saskatoon interviews regarding 2013 publication PLoS One.
2013. Discovery News. An online newsletter featuring science news. Coverage of our 2013 publication on dog remains from Siberia. The article was subsequently widely featured elsewhere.
30 May 2013. Dr. Robert Losey was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about his research on ancient dog burials in eastern Siberia. "A pet cemetery from 10 thousand years ago: How archeologist Robert Losey discovered some interesting details about ancient dogs. And the hunters and gatherers who may have considered them a part of the family". Radio interview here:
2012. AC Baikal TV. Irkutsk, Russia television coverage of 3D scanning equipment installed by me through a CFI grant at Irkutsk State Technical University.
3 March 2011. Discovery News An online newsletter featuring science news. Coverage of our 2011 paper on dog remains from Siberia. This segment subsequently generated a range of covered in many countries and in many different formats, including academic and non-academic blogs, discussion boards, and even dog food company websites.
2011. Kommersant, a large Russian publishing house have now produced an article which will appear in print in Russia, and currently is available online in Russian in multiple locations, regarding our recent research on dogs from the Baikal area.
11 October 2011. Dr. Losey comments about the latest discovery of prehistoric dog fossils. Paleolithic dog fossils have been discovered in the Czech Republic, one with a mammoth bone in its mouth. Dr. Losey comments on the find in the following article: and in this interview with Radio New Zealand.
And in other news, Dr. Losey confirms that an animal shot near Drumheller in early 2011 is a wolf: The Drumheller Mail wolf article.

Nomokonova, Tatiana (Zooarchaeology: Ancient dog burials!)
2 March 2012. Featured in Russian Press. Irkutsk State Technical University Press, Eastern Siberia, Russia.

Schurr, Theodore (Ancient DNA: Native Americans and Siberians share genes!)

Waters-Rist, Andrea (Prehistoric teeth!)
28 August 2012. Prehistorische botten bij het Baikalmeer (in Dutch). [Prehistoric teeth of the Baikal people]. Leids Universitair Medish Centrum. Cicero [Leiden University Medical Center Cicero Magazine] No. 6, Aug 28th.

Weber, Andrzej (Archaeology: Fun in the dirt!)
23 April 2015. Dr. Andrzej Weber featured in an article entitled: "Because We Dared: Four at the forefront" on the University of Alberta website. April 23, 2015. An excerpt: Full article:
9 August 2012. Press conference with Japanese newspapers (Asahi-Shinbun, Yomiuri Shinbun, Mainichi Shinbun, Hokkaido Shinbun, and Nikkan Soyan) and local government officials from Wakkanai, Hokkaido.
July 2011. Interviews with three Japanese newspapers: Asahi-Shimbun (July 10, 2011), Hokkaido Shimbun (July 13, 2011), and Asahi-Shimbun (July 18, 2011).
13 January 2011. Premiere of The Code Breakers documentary, produced by the Clearwater Media Inc., Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, featuring research by the Baikal Archaeology Project and interviews with A. Weber. CBC's The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, January 13.

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