Project Team Members


Project Director

Dr. Andrzej Weber, University of Alberta, CANADA

Project Researchers

Dr. Noboru Adachi, University of Yamanashi, JAPAN

Dr. Fiona Bamforth, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA

Mr. Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, RUSSIA

Dr. Elena V. Bezrukova, Russian Academic of Sciences, Irkutsk, RUSSIA

Dr. Andrew Bush, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA

Dr. Olga I. Goriunova, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, RUSSIA

Dr. Mark Hudson, University of West Kyushu, JAPAN

Dr. Hajime Ishida, University of the Ryukyus, JAPAN

Dr. Peter Jordan, University of Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS

Dr. Hirofumi Kato, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Dr. Christian Leipe, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Dr. Angela Lieverse, University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

Dr. Robert Losey, University of Alberta, CANADA

Dr. Ryuichi Masuda, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Dr. Hugh McKenzie, Grant MacEwan University, CANADA

Dr. Stefanie Müller, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Dr. Masaki Naganuma, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Dr. Alexei G. Novikov, Irkutsk State University, RUSSIA

Dr. Christopher Ramsey, University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr. Michael Richards, The University of British Columbia, CANADA

Dr. Takao Sato, Keio University, JAPAN

Dr. Nikolai A. Savel'ev, Irkutsk State University, RUSSIA

Dr. Rick Schulting, University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr. Theodore Schurr, University of Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Dr. Alexander Shchetnikov, Institute of Earth's Crust SB RAS, RUSSIA

Dr. Jay Stock, University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr. Pavel Tarasov, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Dr. Daniel Temple, George Mason University, USA

Dr. Mayke Wagner, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, GERMANY

Dr. Andrea Waters-Rist, Faculteit Archeologie, Bio-Archaeology, University of Leiden, NETHERLANDS

Dr. Dustin White, Royal Holloway University of London, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr. Dongya Yang, Simon Fraser University, CANADA

Dr. Hitoshi Yonenobu, Naruto University of Education, JAPAN

Dr. Minoru Yoneda, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Partners and Stakeholders

Ainu Association of Hokkaido:

Arctic Centre, University of Groningen:

Center of Ainu and Indigenous Studies, Hokkaido University:

Eurasia Department, German Archaeological Institute:

Rebun Board of Education, Hokkaido (in Japanese only):

Rebun Township, Hokkaido (in Japanese only):

University of Alberta Press:

Advisory Board

Dr. Kenneth Ames, Portland State University, UNITED STATES,

Dr. Robert Bettinger, University of California Davis, UNITED STATES,

Dr. Ben Fitzhugh, University of Washington, UNITED STATES,

Dr. Junko Habu, University of California Berkeley, UNITED STATES,

Dr. David Thomas, American Museum of Natural History, UNITED STATES,

Dr. David Yesner, University of Alaska-Anchorage, UNITED STATES,

Support Staff

Ms. Andrea Hiob, Project Manager, University of Alberta, CANADA

Ms. Sachiko Kato, Project Manager, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Ms. Erin Jessup, CFI Project Manager, University of Alberta, CANADA

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Dieter Demske, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Dr. Kate Faccia, Cambridge University, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr. Annette Kossler, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Dr. Tatiana Nomokonova, The University of British Columbia Okanagan, CANADA

Dr. Ian Scharlotta, Laboratoire Mediterranéen de Préhistoire Europe Afrique (LAMPEA) , FRANCE

Dr. Takumi Tsutaya, University of Kyoto, JAPAN

Ph.D. Students

Emily Collier, University of Alberta, CANADA

Lacey Fleming, University of Alberta, CANADA

Steffi Hildebrandt, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Ren Iwanami, M.A., Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Liz Lawton-Matthews, Arctic Centre, University of Groningen, NETHERLANDS

Nour Moussa, (successfully defended Ph.D. dissertation in June 2015) University of Alberta, CANADA

Ben Osipov, University of Alberta, CANADA

Antonia Rodrigues, Simon Fraser University, CANADA

Mareike Schmidt, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Ben Shepard, University of California Los Angeles, UNITED STATES

Victoria van der Haas, University of Alberta, CANADA

Master's Students

Megan Clarke, (successfully defended Master's in June 2015) University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

Yu Hirasawa, M.A., Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Hisako Kazuta, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Sean Lynch, M.A., (successfully defended Master's in June 2013) University of Alberta, CANADA

Brianna Mack, University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

Keita Omote, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Samantha Purchase, University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

Shoichiro Sugiura, Hokkaido University, JAPAN

Ruth Urlacher, University of Alberta, CANADA



Olga I. Goriunova

Senior Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology and Ethnography at Irkutsk State University

Daisuke Hirata

Daisuke Hirata is an undergraduate student working with Dr. Ryuichi Masuda

Bakail Hokkaido archaeology project